The Art Of Leading Mamas In Sacred Circles Introductory Masterclass

A Radical New Modality That Helps You Reach More Mamas & Lead Them In Ongoing Connection And Transformation

Hosted by Maria Golding

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This  modality provides training in  professional facilitation & feminine leadership  skills to offer successful  circle events. Radiate confidence with an  internationally approved certification. 

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  • The big shift all mothers go through that can leave them feeling frustrated and out of step with expectations of what motherhood SHOULD be (this is rarely talked about or acknowledged)

  • The essential nurturing flow of a sacred circle that's professionally designed to elevate the experience for every mother - and how to lead from this space to change women’s lives.

  • How to step into your desire to lead and create a new generation of support using the power of a trauma-informed approach and uniquely powerful Sacred Mama Circles® methodology. 

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About the host, Maria

Maria Golding is the founder of The School of Intuitive Motherhood and an Internationally Approved Training Provider.

She’s has 30+ years working with mothers & children, and as a midwife and coach, and is the mother of two adult sons.

Maria is the creator of successful programs: Her Signature Sacred Mama Circles Facilitator Certification & Training, plus: Raising an Intuitive Child (The Intuitive Motherhood Program) and Feminine Practices for The Busy Mama, and Womanifesting Quantum Wealth.

You can find her holding space virtually for mamas & leaders after immersing herself in empowerment practices in nature, hanging out with her chocolate border collie, having a laugh with friends or family, or keeping connected with her sacred practices including Nia Dance.

Tanya Heinrich

Postpartum Doula at Nourished Beginnings Doula Care

"There is so much richness in the content..."

This course has been quite pivotal. There is so much richness in the content, so many self-awareness activities and embodiment practices. At the same time as we’re learning we’re having the opportunity to practice and put that into action, and the opportunity to reflect and be held as a group. I think there is so much power in learning, acting, reflecting and taking the cycle through. It’s such powerful course and I’m so excited to be in it.

Paula Redford-Bell

Parenting Coach at Heart & Soul Parenting

"It’s all come together in the sacred mama circles..."

15 years of spiritual work and healing practices combined with over 20 years of intellectual work and parenting coaching – it’s all come together in the sacred mama circles.

The level of support you'll get is phenomenal. The leaders and Maria will you unravel what's stopping so you can get out there faster and rise higher!

Dr Kristy Goodwin 

Speaker, Consultant, Author of Raising your Child in a Digital World

Maria is the perfect blend of science and soulful wisdom. She has a gift for approaching topics sensitively and helping you to gently realise and unearth solutions to your dilemmas, in an authentic and aligned way, without ever imposing her beliefs or ideas. I highly recommend her programs.