Heal your own motherhood journey by leading others to do the same.


Here's How Our Courses Will Support You...

Leading Edge Training

A unique blend of the scientific, spiritual & embodiment theory and application along with leading-edge motherhood, personal growth and parenting knowledge.

Support and Care

You will be supported by your Course Facilitator and Mamas who are on the same learning journey as you.

Practical Tools You Need

You will be provided with practical tools which will help guide you on your mamahood journey.

What other Sacred Mama Circle Facilitators are saying...


"Maria is the perfect blend of science and soulful wisdom. She has a gift for approaching topics sensitively and helping you to gently realise and unearth solutions to your dilemmas, in an authentic and aligned way, without ever imposing her beliefs or ideas."

Dr. Kirsty Goodwin
Speaker, Consultant, Author of Raising your Child in a Digital World

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