Feminine Leadership Training 

+ Transformational Circle Events

The revolutionary 6-month system that trains you to hold powerful circles to support women in their ongoing, and often misunderstood, transition as mothers.

Helping them with like-minded connection, skilful space-holding and well-crafted experiences to awaken, uplift and create lasting positive change.

Become certified in an internationally recognized modality, as a Sacred Mama Circles Facilitator.

Build your confidence and find your unique expression in the world as a feminine leader.

This professionally designed training is delivered online with many live components, Be part of a passionate and  heart-centred community and a movement that is changing the face of motherhood. 

Motherhood is a ‘rite of passage’, the transition from Maiden to Wise Mama. In these modern times its being called Matrescence, likening it to the huge physical, mental, emotional, social and spiritual changes that happen during Adolescence.

​​​​​​​Certification Overview

  • Six months professional training & competency. A rich and comprehensive curriculum of knowledge, skills and processes.
  • Access to an online members area with nine incredible training modules that current members are raving about! (with videos, audios, beautifully designed transcripts & play sheets)
  • Training in the scientific & spiritual principles behind a woman’s transition in motherhood, alongside skills to empower, heal, uplift and grow her gorgeous potential.
  • Training in how to structure a powerful circle and to facilitate (and co-facilitate) experiences for individual and collective transformation.
  • Become a fully Certified Sacred Mama Circles Facilitator with the School of Intuitive Motherhood – an Internationally recognised Training Provider.
  • Gain recognition & eligibility for insurance with IICT, International Institute for Complementary Therapies.
  • Be supported to reach the next-level you as a Sacred Feminine Leader.
  • Be mentored by Maria & Certified Facilitator Leaders, learn and ‘experience circle’ with a heart-centred group of other trainees during your live online circles (via zoom).  
  • Harness the power of productivity in our weekly study sessions (via zoom) & quarterly Vision & Planning workshops.
  • Stay connected with your co-trainees, and Maria, in our Sacred Mama Circles Facilitators FB Group. This is an active vibrant community and you’ll never feel alone.
  • Lean in closer by attending our regular small-group Heart-Pods led by some of our more experienced facilitators.
  • Draw from a rich collection of practical, effective and creative circle activities including a 5-week circle program which is especially designed for mothers.
  • Access the opportunity to promote your circles on the Intuitive Motherhood website & Intuitive Mamas FB group, and be connected with a brand that has a mission to hold one million mamas’ hearts in circle by 2030.

What other Sacred Mama Circle Facilitators are saying...

Ready to uncover a revolutionary way to lead and connect mothers in the ancient art of sacred women’s circles?

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Sacred Mama Circles Facilitator Certification

Program Packages


  • Six months professional training & competency as a Sacred Mama Circles Facilitator.
  • Access to an online members area with nine training modules (with videos, audios, transcripts, play-sheets)
  • Weekly Live circle calls with Maria and/or experienced certified facilitator leaders (via zoom). Be part of our exclusive & transformational circles, study sessions, workshops PLUS receive laser coaching for your business success.
  • Stay connected with your co-trainees in our Sacred Mama Circles FB Group, Heart-Pods and other live sessions.
  • Enjoy your growing courage & confidence as a feminine leader both online and in-person.
  • Feel the connection with a vibrant community of women who truly want you to rise!

This time in history we have the opportunity to heal ancestral patterns and liberate centuries of suppressed feelings of loneliness, competitiveness, guilt and shame ... into self-love, co-operation, compassion and wisdom – through circling with like-minded mamas..

About Maria

Maria Golding is the Founder of The School of Intuitive Motherhood and Creator of The Sacred Mama Circles Facilitator Training & Certification: Your go-to Feminine Leadership resource for serving mothers through powerful circle facilitation whilst activating your own gorgeous potential at the same time. Doing less and being more magnetic has been her motto for success.

She is a Certified Professional in Mental and Emotional Health, a Registered Nurse & previous Midwife. She’s had 30+ years working with Mothers, Infants, Children and Teens. As a Black Belt Nia Body & Life Teacher with multiple trainings and over 15 years daily practice she is a living example of feminine embodiment with deep capacity for holding loving heart-space.

She has trained in Transformational Work including Cert Expressive Therapies, The Journey, Intuitive Healing, Reiki and is a Parenting Professional. Her Passion for Sharing has led her to Presenting at Conferences such as Qld Health, Mater and MummyCon.

Maria is the creator of three successful programs: Her Signature Sacred Mama Circles Facilitator Certification & Training, plus: Raising an Intuitive Child (The Intuitive Motherhood Program) and Feminine Practices for The Busy Mama. She’s an Approved Training Provider with The International Institute Of Complimentary Therapies.

You can find her holding space for mamas whilst sitting under a large old fig tree along the Brisbane River, having a laugh with friends or family, or keeping connected with her sacred practice of dancing Nia. intuitivemotherhood.com

Start your transformation today!

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Tanya Heinrich

Postpartum Doula at Nourished Beginnings Doula Care

"There is so much richness in the content..."

This course has been quite pivotal. There is so much richness in the content, so many self-awareness activities and embodiment practices. At the same time as we’re learning we’re having the opportunity to practice and put that into action, and the opportunity to reflect and be held as a group. I think there is so much power in learning, acting, reflecting and taking the cycle through. It’s such powerful course and I’m so excited to be in it.

Paula Redford-Bell

Parenting Coach at Heart & Soul Parenting

"It’s all come together in the sacred mama circles..."

15 years of spiritual work and healing practices combined with over 20 years of intellectual work and parenting coaching – it’s all come together in the sacred mama circles.

Nina Maudslay

Bloom & Flourish ~ Birthing and nurturing empowered, nourished and aware mothers.

"I honestly feel transformed.."

The training so far has been powerful, and offered more than I had dared to imagine. WOW! You've crafted it so beautifully Maria. I honestly feel transformed, the doors have opened to an endless sky of possibility and I am standing at the threshold without fear. I am feeling inspired, empowered, nourished, aware, potent and honoured….

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Art Of Leading Mamas In Sacred Circle Introductory  Masterclass 

Discover A Radical New Modality That Helps You Reach More Mamas & Lead Them In Ongoing Connection And Transformation.  

This  modality provides training in  professional facilitation & feminine leadership  skills for you to offer successful  circle events and feel confident with an   internationally approved certification 


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Program Terms & Conditions

To get the most out of this Program, and to fully submerse yourself in the teachings, this Program is non-refundable. If you are unable to attend minimum of one month of the training, please contact us in writing at [email protected]  and we can arrange for an extension to your end date.  

The School Of Intuitive Motherhood accepts most payment options including the following:

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