Uncover a revolutionary way to lead and connect mothers in the ancient art of sacred women’s circles

In this free video training I’ll be sharing with you …

The big ‘identity crisis’ that many mamas are going through (and that’s mostly going unseen and unaddressed in our modern world), leaving women facing ‘dark nights of the soul’ – alone and unsupported

How you can use the ancient art of circles to activate your own transformation & purpose, whilst creating authentic connections for other like-minded mamas

How you can ignite your feminine leadership (and even start your own business) around this powerful concept


About the host, Maria

Maria Golding is the founder of Intuitive Motherhood, mental health professional, previous midwife, and mother of two adult children.

After her own identity crisis and spiritual awakening through motherhood (almost 3 decades ago!), she’s been passionately leading other mamas through their own healing & transformation.

Her eclectic approach not only connects and supports mothers, but also develops their feminine leadership potential and conscious parenting skills -so as to raise confident, compassionate and intuitive children.

She believes the change we need to see in the world starts with the village of mothers gathering in a meaningful way; and how this has a flow-on effect with their children, affecting everyone around them and every part of society.

Maria works with heart-centred mothers from across Australia and the globe through coaching, circles, workshops, and her Sacred Mama Circle Facilitator Certification and Intuitive Motherhood Online Programs (www.intuitivemotherhood.com).

You can find out more about Maria at www.mariagolding.com.

Praises received from the amazing professionals I work alongside, and the mamas I work with!

Dr. Kirsty Goodwin

Speaker, Consultant, Author of Raising your Child in a Digital World
Maria is the perfect blend of science and soulful wisdom. She has a gift for approaching topics sensitively and helping you to gently realise and unearth solutions to your dilemmas, in an authentic and aligned way, without ever imposing her beliefs or ideas.


Dr. Sarah J. Buckley

Internationally renowned author of Gentle Birth Gentle Mothering
Maria brings her mothering wisdom and intelligence to create brilliant programs that will support, nourish and connect Mamas and families everywhere. Highly recommended.

Nicole Rowan-Holt

Transformational Biz Coach
Everyone needs a Mama Maria in their life. Her wisdom is profound. Her unique blend of soul and science was the key to helping me trust ME as a woman and a mother seeking more joy and stripping back the mother guilt layer after layer. Her work was like cracking a code deep inside. It opened me up to a whole new way of living and loving.

Maria Bollendorff

Mother of 3, Brisbane
As a result of the course I have so much more self-awareness. I’m more able to give myself the space and permission to be the mum I want to be rather than just letting myself do the old pattern. My children are way more relaxed and calm, and don’t fight as much. I’m noticing and enjoying them so much more!”


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